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Global Distributor of Skin Care Solutions based on
Nobel-Prize Winning Technology

Beauty Molecules Inc. is a privately-held global company specialized in the distribution of disruptive high-end skin care solutions that are designed and formulated at the molecular level. Beauty Molecules prides itself by being the worldwide exclusive master distributor of PanaceaNano’s skin care product lines which are formulated based on the Nobel Prize winning technology of Sir Fraser Stoddart.

We are proud to deliver to our customers worldwide, the organic, green, molecularly designed, nanotechnology-based skin care products that have unparalleled performance and exceptional effectiveness.

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Our Values



We are committed to the distribution of skin care solutions that are formulated fully based on organic materials and ingredients.


We are committed to the distribution of skin care solutions that are produced based on processes and operations which are compliant to strict levels of green manufacturing standards. This applies to the raw materials, tools, facilities and waste processing and treatment.


We adopt innovative and disruptive distribution and business operation methodologies. We deploy latest digital transformation technologies to manage and control our processes.


We deliver high-end disruptive products with exceptional performance based on groundbreaking scientific research and development carried out by the finest laboratories in the world.