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Global Distributor of Skin Care Solutions based on
Nobel-Prize Winning Technology

Beauty Molecules Inc. is a privately-held global company specialized in the distribution of disruptive high-end skin care solutions that are designed and formulated at the molecular level. Beauty Molecules prides itself by being the worldwide exclusive master distributor of PanaceaNano’s skin care product lines which are formulated based on the Nobel Prize winning technology of Sir Fraser Stoddart.

We are proud to deliver to our customers worldwide, the organic, green, molecularly designed, nanotechnology-based skin care products that have unparalleled performance and exceptional effectiveness..

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Beauty Molecules Inc. entered into a powerful three-way partnership with the Stoddart Research Palace at Northwestern University and its commercialization arm PanaceaNano Inc. The Stoddart Research Palace at Northwestern University (Chicago – Illinois), which hosts one of the largest and most-advanced chemistry labs in the world, performs cutting-edge research toward the creation and discovery of new green, organic and functional Nano-materials that are designed and engineered at the molecular level with extraordinary futuristic applications. While PanaceaNano (Pasadena – California) works on the productization and manufacturing of products based on the scientific breakthroughs and patents produced by the Stoddart Research Palace. On the other hand, Beauty Molecules Inc., through a strategic partnership agreement, invests in and focuses on the worldwide sales and marketing of the innovative skincare product lines produced by PanaceaNano.


The method of delivery of the active ingredient of a topical cosmetic formulation determines the efficacy of the product. PanaceaNano developed and patented platforms and proprietary formulations for Organic Nano-Cube (ONC) based skin care that can host and store active ingredients for anti-aging skin care products that will significantly improve their effectiveness and benefits. ONC stores and releases the ingredients at the molecular level and directly delivers them into the skin at a controlled rate for long-lasting treatment.

ONC formulated into topical skin care products have shown higher cumulative release of ingredients into the skin at a steady release rate that can provide much longer anti-aging effect than other products. Other nano-particle formulations do not exhibit the same performance enhancement as NOBLE ONC technology. The major factor that improves the effectiveness of an anti-aging product is how well and how long these ingredients penetrate the consumers’ skin. The technological improvements in anti-aging skin care delivery that PanaceaNano demonstrates boosts the anti-aging skin care product performance.